Metal Roof Systems

Wether you're interested in hidden screw "standing seam" system or an exposed screw system, we install them all. Better yet our supplier has over 40 colors to choose from!

Standing Seam Profiles
Exposed Screw Profiles

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Metal roofing has become more popular in Florida. Especially after hurricane Irma, 60% of our installations are standing seam metal. Standing seam roofs are overall maintenance free and last up to 40+ years. Kynar 500 paint option further reduces fading. Our typical profile of installation on residential homes is a 26 gauge panel, standard paint, 16" wide, 1" rib with striations to reduce "oil canning". We don't recommend choosing a panel profile without striations as the panel will show oil canning. Although oil canning is natural in metal roofs. Adding striations on the panel show the least oil canning. For darker colors we recommend a Kynar paint as darker color's fading is more noticeable than light colors. 26 gauge is the standard thickness in residential homes but 24 gauge is also available, which is a thicker gauge. 

All metal roof installations are backed by a 10 year labor warranty and 30 year manufacturer warranty. 

Dinosaur Tough Certified!

Barn Red   SMP

Gulflock 26 gauge 16" wide 1" rib striated